Thursday, August 28, 2008

Start earning in 4days with Google Adsense

Google is the best investor in this earth. Google invest lots of energy, resources, their money for people to earn money without investment. Many people are earning a lot with the help of Google Adsense program.

Many people might have wasted all their time in surfing to find a genuine zero investment online jobs. But I am completely sure you might not have got even a single way except the google master. Yes, It is true. Even I have been searching for a way to earn $$$$ without any investment for around one year. You dont belive but I promise except google everyone are fake to my knowledge.

All other companies may atleast require a small investment of $20 to $500. People who are afford to invest can try it. But I am sure even that will be a fake website. I am telling all these information out off my one year research.

Don't waste your time any more. Believe in Google and Goolge believes you. Google Adsense program is the only way to earn money without investment. The people who are here in this blogs are really lucky because you are not going to waste your one year time to find a genuine job to earn.

Start earning in 4 days. Find the steps to follow.

1) First step is to read the Terms and conditions very carefully. You can find the terms and conditions in this link directly

2)Create a website that contain interesting topics such as sports,business,music etc. Don't include pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content. For more information regarding the content that the website can contain, see the terms and conditions(5)

How to create my first website
People doesn't have knowledge to create a website.Dont worry I am here to help you. Google recommends two website creator blogger and google page. But people who are not even comfortable with them can verywell approach me. I will definitely help you guys to create a website or I will create a website for you with the contents of yours. Again I dont want even a single cent or penny for this. I will do it for $0 (i.e) completely free.

3) Create an Adsense account.
Once your website is ready our next step is to open an Adsense account for yourself. This is the very important step out of all.

Things to keep in mind before opening an account.

  • Make a note of username and password(If you forget the password you will end up in wasting your time to get it recovered)

  • Make sure while singing up, you should enter your full name(Ex:M Karthick)

  • Please SignUp with the valid post address to which the cheque will be posted.

  • Please enter the correct URL of the website you created.(Careful with typo error)

3)Approval Phase:

Once the sign up process is over Google will normally take 2 to 3 days to review the application. After 2 to 3 days you will get an email from google stating if the application is aproved or disapproved. 3 out of 10 will be disapproved.

Reason for Disapproval

1) Invalid name used during sign up

2) Invalid address mentioned.

3) Violation of Terms and conditions.

4) If google thinks if the site will not generate sufficient traffic.

5) If Google found the requester has an existing account already.

How to get the disapproved account , approved.

Normally google will send an mail to your account why the account was not approved that may fall under any of the mentioned above. But we can get it approved by correcting the mistake mentioned by Google. Most of the time goolge will approve the second time since they respect people interested towards them. Correct the mistakes, add interesting article and resubmit the application to get it approved.

How google helps us to earn:

Once your account is approved. You are ready to earn and google is there to help you. Google gives you certain amount for each impression or click made on Google Ads. You will get the rights to place their ads on your site once your adsense account is activated. However, to place their ads on your site please follow the instruction instructed in the video in this link

(Thanks to Google).

When your amount will be paid to you:

Google has the policy that the first amount will be paid only if your account is credited with $100. After that every month you will be paid before 15th of that month.


1) Please dont try to cheat Google by clicking your own ads. So you will be definitely caught.

2)Dont hire a third person to make impression on your Google ads.

3)Dont include phrase or sentence that indirectly tempt the user to click on ads.

4)Dont include arrows or image pointing to tempt the user to click on your ads.

Violation of any of these will disable your account.

Note:Disabled account cannot be enabled until you have a valid reason for it.

Kindly post your feedback and queries.

Thanks & Regards,

M Karthick(Google Partner)


Tracy Lewis said...

This is a very good step-by-step article. Many people who are just starting out will find this helpful. It is very easy to understand, while offering the most important information about getting started with AdSense.

By the way, I found your blog through one of your Hub Pages articles:

Thank you for sharing, both at Hub Pages and on Blogger!


mtr said...

Hi Karthick,

I found your blog through your HubPage. And the information is very easy for beginners to follow. I have been doing Adsense for 1 year and am making approximately $100/month. Do you have more advanced info to raise income?


PS: In 1999 I visited Madurai on my way to Rameshwaram. Is this where you are living?

rajesh said...

hi karthick,
nice useful article.
but there is one problem in getting approved the disapproved application. there is no resubmit form .
due to site map error my blog was rejected and i am unable to resubmit it. got any ideas and views?
thank u
rajesh n